In The Valley of Glow Trees Poetry Book Released in Paperback!

In the Valley of Glow Trees

I have just released my poetry book, In the Valley of Glow Trees, in Paperback!  It is available at,  Barnes and, and for a limited time, at Mendham Books, in Mendham, NJ.  At 208 pages it is a bargain for the price.  If you love nature poetry, and finding both yourself and your source–then this book is for you.  I have posted a bit of the write-up on the book below.  Enjoy!  Kerri

Poet Kerri McCaffrey’s first book is effervescent with color and hope and song. You will breathe easily as you read. Kerri’s words are alive with her childhood experiences, as when she describes the legendary woman in white who fell to her death from a ledge in Sleepy Hollow:  “her dark hair/ like feathers/ her scream bright orange—/a flaming oriole/ to a synesthete.” Kerri writes from both sides of the gender line, having undergone sweeping changes in her life.  These were moves which required daring—by this world’s standards—but Kerri knew there was something more at play—something beautiful and very close that most sense but cannot see—a just beyond, a thin veil of separation—and she trusted this as she made her decisions:  “…today is lovelier than ever/ and ever /and my soul has broken the body’s water/I see the world as so fair today/that I may die/I am close to seeing the other side/to seeing ghosts and God.”      Kerri’s poetry and images flow from a clear well, fed by her deep belief in the sanctity of nature discovered by spending countless hours in wild places—far from cars, cell phones, and safety.  She believes that our Higher Power is aware of us while we are here and is, “…anxious to use booming rockets/and end this exile/propel us home—/but we looked at earth in contemplation/at the silent wood sorrel/blooming from the loam.”   Travel with Kerri McCaffrey and experience the breathless beauty of her journey—the reverence she has for new life.  You will read about tornadoes, magic, wilderness, the genders, baseball, hope, animals, the passing of time—and teaching.  Kerri has taught for twenty years, and has a special place in her heart for those who struggle with learning—to wit, this line from a poem praising Helen Keller’s tutor, Annie Sullivan:  “You taught her to place her feet on the bumpy road and walk—/her fingers on the bumpy writing and read—/to place her hands on your thumping heart and hope.”      Today, Kerri has two children and lives in a secluded cottage at forest’s edge.  It is the perfect place to play with words, to make the inherent beauty of the world tangible through metaphor and simile, and to continue trying to follow the inspiring road of Frost—which has made, “…all the difference.”  Kerri has found serenity;  may you find it, too.  “If I should die now/I want to start from here/nascent/and planted in a field of lilacs/watered with echoes.”

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