Robert Frost once said, “I am not a teacher, I am an awakener.”  This site is for those who love life, for those who love poetry–and for those who want both of the latter but are not there yet.

…for those setting off in their skiffs–

If the ocean is thought of as words, then poetry is the deepest current:  it sparkles, it is formidable, and we respect it.  May my poetry site, written from a sea of woods in a small cottage, inspire you as I have been inspired by others.

Kerri McCaffrey

Note Well (NB):  All of Kerri McCaffrey’s writings here are copyrighted materials–except, of course–when she quotes others: these poems and writings are not to be used without the express, written permission of Kerri McCaffrey.

thepoetseyes.com (trademark)


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