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A Poem for the Coffee Hour on Dr. MLK, Jr. Day

Photo by Marion S. Trikosko “Coffee, Cream With Civil Rights” (c) Kerri Nicole McCaffrey, 2013 Originally published in the book, In the Valley of Glow Trees, Create Space, 2013, by Kerri Nicole McCaffrey. The vase was cobalt and the flower, … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Tribute Poem

Memorial Day, 2014        This is a poem (in video form)  I wrote entitled, “Memorial Day”.  I am grateful for those who died so that I may live in freedom.  Also, as radio host Mike Broomhead mentioned–we should surely remember the honorable … Continue reading

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In The Valley of Glow Trees Poetry Book Released in Paperback! I have just released my poetry book, In the Valley of Glow Trees, in Paperback!  It is available at,  Barnes and, and for a limited time, at Mendham Books, in Mendham, NJ.  At 208 pages it is … Continue reading

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Sleepy Hollow Poem/Legend–Raven Rock

“Some mention was also made of the woman in white who haunted the dark glen at Raven Rock, and was often heard to shriek on winter nights before a storm, having  perished there in the snow.” (Irving, Washington.  “The Legend … Continue reading

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Poem, “If I Found Water on Mars” by Kerri McCaffrey

If I Found Water on Mars © 2011, by Kerri McCaffrey          Photo by Kerri McCaffrey, (c) If I found water on Mars, breaking through the red crust of Martian soil— with my NASA pick axe (as if lancing some … Continue reading

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A Red Fox in a Dust of Snow (or, Walk–Bark–Walk)

Photo by Kerri McCaffrey Chester, NJ.  March 4, 2012–this post originally published earlier this winter under, Foxes love to travel along–or alongside–old farm walls like this one in Sussex County, NJ. It makes for much easier travel! Note to … Continue reading

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Why Hunting Coyotes in NJ is a Bad Idea

Bravo New Jersey!  Let’s give the hunters a special permit to shoot coyotes and take away one of the only checks on the huge deer population which is currently destroying our forests.  I live in Chester, NJ, right among the woods and fields.  … Continue reading

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